Show Introduction


As global environmental consciousness heightens, green energy emerges as the new trend in global industrial transformation. Taiwan is actively promoting the development of green energy technologies. In response to market trends, the rubber and plastics industry is also accelerating its product transformation. The Taiwanese rubber and plastics industry boasts advantages such as innovation, a complete supply chain, flexible production, competitive pricing, and internationally recognized brands.

The Economic Daily News, with its experienced and excellent professional exhibition team, aims to create a high-quality trading platform, matching the right customers in the right markets, thereby enhancing the exhibition effectiveness for manufacturers.

Professional Exhibition Organization with Abundant Resources

With over 40 years of exhibition experience, the Economic Daily News hosts 7-8 annual exhibitions, boasting a professional exhibition team and an efficient platform, along with a vast database of quality buyers and strong mobilization capabilities.

Comprehensive and Multidimensional Promotion

Possessing both print and digital media across professional and consumer domains, the team can generate pre-exhibition hype, mobilize buyers during the exhibition, and amplify post-exhibition benefits, helping exhibitors enhance their product value.

Quality Buyers with Targeted Marketing

With over 40 years of a strong track record in professional exhibition organization, the Economic Daily News rigorously selects exhibitors that match the exhibition's criteria, ensuring high-quality displays and professional services that build an outstanding exhibition image and enhance the brand image of exhibitors.

One Budget - Multiple Services

From planning and publicity to creating buzz at the exhibition venue, the professional team provides comprehensive services, ensuring clients' marketing budgets are effectively utilized; a single exhibition fee translates into long-term and diverse publicity benefits.