Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The petrochemical and rubber and plastics industry chain, encompassing upstream, midstream, and downstream segments, is fully represented in this initiative. The Economic Daily News, through strategic planning, is leading manufacturers to confront new challenges in manufacturing supply chain operations and seize the transformation opportunities in Taiwan's rubber and plastics industry.

【Rubber and Plastic Machinery and Equipment】

Blow molding machines, extruders and extrusion lines, injection molding machines, press machines, plastic mixers, crushers, mold temperature controllers, refrigerators, chillers, metering machines, robotic arms, film technology, modification, spraying, transfer printing, decorating, electroplating, laminating, surface strengthening, foaming, reaction or reinforced resin machinery, petrochemical and chemical testing instruments, pre-processing, recycling machinery and equipment, molds, stamping, quality control, among others.

【Petrochemical Raw Materials and Auxiliaries】

Plastic additives, adhesives, rubbers, fillers, biodegradable/degradable plastics, coating mixtures, foam plastics, intermediates, polymers, resins, masterbatches, engineering plastics, general-purpose plastics, recycled plastics, fiber composite materials, reinforcing materials, rubber, and thermoplastic elastomers, among others.

【Rubber and Plastic Finished and Semi-Finished Products】

Various plastic products, rods, sheets, pipes, pudding barrels, containers, metal shells, among others.